This Dragonfly Camera Will Take You Back To Your Childhood

Yet another cool product of creativity, the ‘Dragonfly’ Camera, made as an altar for a 9 year old girl that passed away, was designed to study and photograph time segments of children.dragonfly_front

This Dragonfly camera by Boy of Blue has the dimensions 4″x5″, is made from Aluminum, Steel, Acrylic, Insects, and other relics. This rectangular box – like black camera has a black colored layered design on it’s front side with it’s lens in the center. The Camera has the text “I see her little red boots everyday. The truth was only witnessed by her and the insects which have long passed away” written along the perimeter of the front side and it has a chain – spring – chain arrangement on it’s either sides which are attached to a common shaft of the back side.


On it’s either side, the dragonfly has got a box which has a little statue of a baby that has a glass covering and is fixed to the main frame using steel rivets. A Dragonfly Design (human body with wings appearing to be a dragonfly) is placed on it’s top. Though this camera doesn’t look like one, but it does click photos of great quality, So go back to your childhood with this “Dragonfly” if you are a crazy art lover!

Here are some of the photos clicked from this Dragonfly Camera:




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