The Classic Camera Mod Design

Classic camera

Had I not read the title of the picture, I would have not known that this is not just a beautiful piece of art but also a camera. Yes, a very functional camera. You’d again be surprised to know that this 4″x5″device is not a vintage camera from the Victorian age but has been developed by a master craftsman called Wayne Belger. A box with two arty handles, you just can’t miss the look of this classic camera. Even the man who coined the word “Photography” would have been surprised to witness a camera that can easily qualify as an abstract art.

Made from Steel, Aluminum, Insects, and Turn-of-the-Century Cameos, the camera is a reproduction of an antique. An expert in wooden crafts and furniture items, Wayne Belger has experimented with metals to bring this piece of work to perfection. Some of his other metal work is displayed at the White Stone Gallery in Philladelphia.

This beautiful camera from Boy of Blue has incorporated perhaps an ancient style of photography and is so compelling that I’d rather take a pictures of it rather than from it.

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