LEGO Terminator Bust Comes to Destroy us All

If you decided to make a live action LEGO version of the original 1980s thriller Terminator, I have good news. Most of the legwork has been done with this LEGO Terminator bust which features an impressive amount of detail and craftsmanship.

terminator lego model image 2

Just about all of the bases have been covered by artist going by the name of “robbed” (seen at Brickshelf): Scary looking glowing red eyes, teeth, gearworks, even a few shot or two of the internal workings. What we need here is a Playdough version of the T1000 and then they can fight in an epic toy battle to the death. Two of the toy world’s most versatile building materials, you know that’d be a good fight. I’ll have to take a poll at some point in the future, if we’re still here.

lego terminator model t-800 image

Of course I wouldn’t suggest putting one of these together and placing it in your kid’s bedroom. Sure you could joke with him or her about how he’s not a T1000 but a T-800 model Cyverdyne Systems Model 1010 Series 800 Endoskeleton and he’s been reprogrammed to protect, but just think how creepy this thing must look with the proper lighting. I’d be afraid it would start drifting closer and closer to the bed, ready to destroy any hope I have of helping mankind out in the future. I’m also paranoid…this does not help. You’d have to throw in the original Arnold soundboard as well, maybe motion activated. That way whenever someone leaves the room you get the Arnold voice stating “I’ll be back.”

terminator lego model image 1

Other commentators on the piece have had similar feelings, with one reader exclaiming that he wanted to take a blowtorch to it. If you saw the original Terminator movie when it first came out I can empathize, it just screams unstoppable and unrelenting killing machine in LEGO form. I mean if he was activated he could even raid the local Toys R Us and put him back together as he saw fit, maybe a mechanical arm firing super-sonic plastic missile projectiles. Don’t think he won’t do it! I wasn’t able to find any indication in terms of how many pieces this guy took to put together, but much like the “how many beans are in this jar” contest you had in Elementary school I’m going to guess over 9000.

Via: Geekologie