This Bug Plug Doesn’t Bite but Instead Help You Save Energy

Bugplug- the name might provoke many of us to think that this is some kind of new mosquito repellent or something related to bugs.  However, that is not what it is and once you look at the design, which consists of cute smiling lips, you’ll be sure of the same.  Contrary to the name, Bugplug is a type of a new eco-friendly gadget conceptual design which is going to help us conserve electricity. Extremely creative and innovative, the gadget is designed by Ah & Oh Studio, who has tagged bugplug as ‘the household friend’.

Now, many of you must be wondering how on earth one can possibly save electricity using a cute yet weird looking device like this.  Surprisingly it’s easier than it seems.  All that is needed to be done is selecting the devices that you feel consume more energy and plugging them in different slots of the bugplug. Once done set individual timers for each device by just pressing the belly button of the bugplug. That’s it.

The device will work something like this using its sensors. When you enter the room, with its smart and efficient motion sensors placed on top of the two antennas, the bugplug will detect your presence and send signals to all the attached devices and switch them on. The motion sensors do the wonder and even shut off sending signals as soon as they  detects your leaving the room.  Bugplug switches off all the devices according to their respective timers and patiently wait for you to come back to the room, thus preventing a lot of energy from getting wasted.

More than being a brilliant eco-friendly gadget, it is the creative and friendly looks of the device that catches the eye. Bugplug is cute and looks as if it is saying ‘hello’ using its smiling broad lips and waving towards you with its two long twigs.

Thus, the bugplug is not only interesting but intelligent as well. If Bugplug senses no motion in the room, in spite of the set timer, will cut-off the power to the devices in utmost 30 minutes. Moreover, it also has a detachable power cord, enabling its connectivity with all different kinds of slots.

Bugplug is a great device which helps the most when you are rushing for an important meeting or a date, and have forgotten to switch off some electrical device you were using prior to leaving the house. Bugplug provides you the much needed peace of mind and prevents you from thinking if you have switched off the lights and fans or forgot to turn off the iron.

‘Bugplug’ was given the best ecogadget award in the greener gadget competition 2009. Moreover, now when the green revolution is on the peak, every designer wants to go the ecofriendly way and bugplug serves as an inevitable example of what product designers can do using their creativity.

These eco-friendly devices are sure to stay. You can definitely learn about other such products such as Bedol Eco-friendly Clock and Eco-friendly Spray.