Zelda-Inspired Triforce Cutting Board is a Perfect Gamer for Your Kitchen

This product is strictly for all those people who enjoy cooking or love to use high-end products in their kitchen. Definitely, you might be using a cutting board almost everyday, but there are like thousands of designs and with different quality boards in the market. So are you confused on what basis you could select the best one?

Zelda-Inspired Triforce Cutting Board

Triforce is here at your rescue, a perfect combination of cool shape with high-end quality. This is one of the most awesomely designed wooden boards with amazing triangle based theme. Playing with the shades of brown, the board is made from walnut and hard-maple, and while you are worrying about your knife spoiling the base by cutting into wooden fibers, you’d be happy to know that this end-grain cutting board is amazingly durable that will not hamper the board.

Zelda-Inspired Triforce Cutting Board (2)

These boards measure approximately 12 x 17 x 1.5 inches, set at the price of $125, and since they are handmade, you’d have to place your orders earlier to receive the shipment within 2 weeks. Triforce is a Zelda-inspired board, using mineral oil and beeswax and available at Etsy.

Zelda-Inspired Triforce Cutting Board (3)

Agreed, you would have to pay a handsome amount to own one of this, but for all gamers, and people looking out for long lasting boards that look shiny even after a year, this one is definitely worth it.

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