Steve Jobs Email Reply Generator Is Rather Realistic

Steve Jobs is known to be a rather ruthless leader and to send curt and short replies to people who email him. Ever since the idea of emailing Steve Jobs has become popular, several people inundate the poor Apple guy with emails and letters that he has found his own way to deal with the issue.

Now that his emails are notoriously short and curt, The Joy of Tech has created a web app called the “Steve jobs Email reply Generator”. Now, I am not sure if Steve has a similar email reply generator, but this one sure looks like fun.

You could try different combinations of queries addressed to him, and the curt replies he would send. This is a query that I generated, with the plausible response by Steve Jobs.

Hi Steve,

I’m a long time Apple fan who wants to work at Apple. You are special but that is besides the point as I have a question about the future. Will my job somehow be available for download on iTunes?

All the best,

Cry Baby

Steve may reply to this email this way:


Sent from my iPhone.

I am sure you guys get the point! You could also take a look at other Steve Jobs related fun stuff like the Steve Jobs Cube Dude. You could learn How to Write Screenplay on the iPad.

Via: Cult of Mac/Geek Culture