Mods Millennium Falcon Server Mod for Star Wars Geeky Fans

Millennium Falcon Server Mod for Star Wars Geeky Fans

I bet Star Wars fans all over the world just can’t get enough of it and they won’t, ever, so they try to get Star Wars into almost everything, like for instance; comics, clothing, games, furniture, etc. And here is another great addition with the Millennium Falcon Server.Millennium Falcon Server

Millennium Falcon Server Power Button

The Millennium Falcon Server by Metropolis Creative has the body of a 1979 Millennium Falcon Model and the organs of a Apple’s Powerbook G4. The Server is intricately detailed, having a Hard disk placed in the bottom part along with speakers. It is also provided with a LED Power Button along with USB and ethernet ports which makes it even more cool as these are the basic requirements of any computer today. The Creator had to glue most of the parts as it was a shoddy model of 1979 and he has added 2 C batteries to make this Millennium Falcon Fly. In the end, a very cool treat for all the Star Wars Geeky Fans. I bet they are going to grab this and make their own Star Wars fans Network!

Millennium Falcon Server 1

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