Laptop mod houses both a PS4 and Xbox One inside of it

The same modder we had seen creating portable versions of Microsoft and Sony’s latest consoles is back in action with his biggest project yet.

Xbox One PS4 laptop mod 1

Halo or The Last of Us? How about both? The latest project by master modder Eddie Zarick consists of a laptop case expanded and rearranged to hold both Microsoft and Sony’s latest consoles, the Xbox One and PS4 respectively. This was done as a request, and took over a month of work. There is a switch on the back users can flick to toggle between consoles (only one can be on at a time), but surprisingly, no heating issues at all.

Xbox One PS4 laptop mod 2

We had seen Zarick’s previous mods at Walyou (Xbook Duo: Two Microsoft Gaming Systems In One Laptop and Portable PS4 laptop mod: this is your destiny), but this is the first time he’s combined these two consoles in one single case. They just keep getting better and better! Now if only he manages to cram a Wii U in there for some mandatory Smash Bros breaks, it’ll be just perfect.

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