24K Gold Xbox One & PS4 controllers for classy gaming

A killstreak or achievement collection is not the only way to show status when it comes to gaming: you could literally flash your 24K gold controller instead.

Gold PS4 controller 1

The new consoles by Sony and Microsoft have been out for a while, yet we had not seen a great amount of modding performed on them yet. It’s finally starting to happen, though, and now we get to see the PS4 and Xbox One controllers in 24-karat gold versions. Keep going down for more pictures.

Gold Xbox One controller 1

The process to create this effect is quite long and complicated. It was done by ColorWare, who struggled and succeeded in creating a beautiful glossy finish that weigh 24k, and now can be bought for $299 each – if you consider you’re very literally buying gold, it’s not that expensive, is it?

Gold Xbox One controller 2

The controllers chosen for this mod were the DualShock 4 and Xbox One controllers. It is only the outside that has been modified, and everything else about them remains intact, and more importantly, functional. You can very much literally play with these. Only 25 of each exist, so if you want one for yourself, be sure to snatch it ASAP, especially considering these are absolutely going to become a collector’s item.

Gold PS4 controller 2

Via Hi Consumption

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