The Space Invaders Toaster for Retro Gaming Fans

Space Invader – The 2D video arcade game, was released way back in 1978; since then it made lot of fans world wide while it also served as a inspiration for various other games and even a new design of a Space Invader Toaster which is a sure treat for it’s fans invader toaster

Designed by Chris Naylor within a week, as a Christmas gift concept, the Invader Toaster is just like an ordinary toaster enclosed in the body of a Space Invader Shooter. It’s green colored body has two red eyes and a slot which is it’s mouth, serving as a handle that definitely makes it portable, while the interior part of the toaster is black. One very unique or rather weird feature about this toaster is that, it leaves a black colored Space Invader Shooter logo on the bread toast and yes, it does work like a perfect Toaster! So wake up every morning to have your favorite Space Invaded breakfast and enjoy every bit of it!

You can also have the delicious Chocolate Space Invaders with this breakfast or view your To-Do list of the day on the Space Invaders Style Post it Notes or have a glimpse of the Space Invaders Clock which tells the time!