Che Guevara In a New Dice Avatar

Art finds numerous mediums of expression. Ari Krupnik, a software engineer has found it in dice, bullet casings and M&Ms. I know that sounds hard to digest, but this guy seriously makes what he calls “pixel mosaics”.

Che Guevara in dice

His effervescent creativity is truly remarkable! Those lucky ones from the pages of history who were recreated by him are Che Guevara and George Orwell, but it is not just his creativity that helps him create these unique pieces. He makes full use of his computer to calculate the approximate size of the mosaic and get an idea from the several computer generated layout variants. It doesn’t end there. We might not realize it, but there are these little things that crop up that cause difficulties for an artist especially those who experiment with very unconventional materials. For example, Ari here, couldn’t figure out how to hold the dices together (the dice is made of high-density acrylic that is very smooth and chemically inert). Only after experimenting with different kinds of adhesive was he able to find just the right mix in polyurethane caulk.

Undoubtedly an avant garde artist, whose future renditions will definitely be something to look forward to.

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