Imagine a Futuristic World with Robotz

You must have always imagined a future that is dominated by robots, and that is also something that has been foreseen by most science fiction writers. While robots already exist in our lives in a rather non-conspicuous way, it is perhaps time that we started to warm up to the idea of living with robots!

Jon DeGorsky is a designer from Wayne State University who has several cool designs in his kitty. One of the most compelling designs is that of the “Robotz”.

The Robotz are a series of colorful robots whose functions are not described, but perhaps the functions of the Robotz depend on who is feeding data into them. Perhaps they could be used as a second hand for household work, or to clean the neighborhood or even in certain laboratories!

It would be amazing to see these colorful robots flitting around us, and such an idea paints a bright and colorful future for the mankind. You could also take a look at other robots that we have featured earlier. The Printable Robot Tutor, the Ball Balancing Robot, and the Lego Tetris Robot are some of the interesting ones.