Switch On The Right Light Everytime With The Cool ‘Light Bulb Switch’

Your beautiful house may be having so many lights to lit up your house and make it very lively, but more the number of bulbs, more is the confusion of switching on the right one, and this awesome Light Bulb Switch is here to deal with this tiny irritating problem.The Light Bulb 1

The Light Bulb Switch design by Jaesik looks like a slate board and is basically a yellow colored plan of the house (top view showing all the areas of the house) with touch sensitivity. The Light Bulb plan has bulbs placed corresponding to the lights in the house and the bulb on the plan glows when you touch it, indicating that you have turned on the right light in the house while it goes back to normal if you touch it again which indicates the light is now off. So now, no more sticking papers which says ‘fan’ or ‘hall light’ or ‘bathroom’, etc on the switch for remembering the right one because now the Light Bulb Switch is here to avoid such little annoying situations and also it is designed stylishly to suite your interiors. I’m sure even you want to have this in your home, right?

The Light Bulb 2

The Light Bulb 3

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