Raise a Toast for the Pacman 30th Anniversary with the New Pacman Wine Glasses and Coasters

Pacman, the lovable little micro muncher is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. This famous game designed by Namco was first released in May 22, 1980 and this year is a memorable moment for Namco and for all the Pacman fans around the world. Pacman, an arcade game, is immensely popular and is one of few classic games that can still keep everyone absolutely addicted. Pacman has the highest brand awareness that any video game character can ever achieve.

To mark the 30th anniversary and celebrate this event with the essence of wine, a special edition of stylish set of Pacman wine glasses along with two maze- designed coasters have been launched by the Pacman makers. The Pacman wine glasses come with the special ‘Pacman logo’ engraved on the glasses. This is surely a prize possession for all the pacman fans around the world.

The Pacman designed wine glasses are truly unusual. Some of the die hard fans will surely want these set of glasses and coasters as a souvenir. Though these glasses will be more useful for decoration rather than for drinking wine, but it will surely give all its buyers the much needed nostalgia kick. The whole set will go on sale in July 2010 with a price tag of $58.

The description of the specially designed glasses tells that it may make your wine taste sweeter. Obviously, this is just a metaphor to express how a feel good factor it may create for the Pac man fans to enjoy their wine. However, these set of glasses and coasters will definitely give someone a reason for a drink and an opportunity to raise a toast for their own pacman craze.

According to the makers of Pacman wine glasses, the glasses are a home for the French wine. They give a feel of playfulness, frolic and celebration and have more intensity than an ordinary glass.

Though there’s no connection between Pacman and wine, it seems that Namco has designed these glasses for the fifth ghost in the game popularly known as Drinky, but who want to know the reason when there is wine and Pacman together, when all you need is to have a blast, at least for the sake of good old days! So get these cool wine glasses and let the Pacman Munch on your screen while you raise a toast for the same.

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Via: NerdApproved