The High Heel Cake Server is One of a Kind

Every one of us has a friend who has almost everything there is to have and it’s an extremely difficult task to get her something on her birthday, something which she of course does not already own, but with a gift like this unique High Heel Cake Server you can be sure to gift her something true to her personality.The High Heel Cake (2)

This elegant stainless steel cake server is beautifully designed in the shape of a high heel, makes for the perfect gift for your fashionable friend and you can be sure she’ll truly appreciate it. So, while the others gift her flowers and chocolates on her birthday or another special occasion you can be sure your gift will stand out.

The High Heel Cake

This High heel server slices cakes, tarts, pies and mousses perfectly and in style and with a shape of its sort it will definitely glamorize parties or even a small get together.

So if you have a pastry chef or just a friend with a sweet tooth, what could make a more delightful present for her than this? Better yet, it runs for only $15.99 and serves as a gift of elegance and is definitely one of a kind.

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