New Scary Mask for the Modern Borg

Your eyes are fixated on a curious design of a mask sitting atop a hairless mannequin, compelling you to conduct a 360-degree survey around the mask. Well, the team of Bob Basset is back with yet another spectacular Steampunk mask, of course with a curious design.

The steampunk mask consists of a jet-black leather surface that forms the cranium. Two tubular extensions jet out from the top in a horizontal manner and the front of the mask has a solid, gold-colored right eyepiece and an opaque deep blue colored left eyepiece, which is then attached to a synthetic face that includes a nose, and an open mouth. Kind of looking like a modern Borg from another Star Trek movie.

The area covering the ears is distinctively designed to resemble music headphones, with a circular patch like the insides of a headphone. In other words, the area surrounding the ear looks like an inverted headphone.

A mini pouch is attached to either side of the neck, to carry what, is still a question. Crisscross laces form a single line at the back of the mask as you finish surveying this mask. At the end of the mask survey you wonder if it is a mask or some mechanical device.

Your first impression of this intricately designed black leather piece is that it is either a relic from World War II, or a post-apocalyptic gas mask. The more you look at it the more it heightens your curiosity.

If you thought that the design was a bit eclectic, your eyes would surely pop out when you discover fans (yes, the one that circulates wind) attached to each tubular extension on top of the mask. What’s more, the mask even has batteries discreetly placed in a mini pouch near the neck.

Having done the survey, your mind now races with things you could do with this mask. Wear it to a kinky club, use it to shock your friends, sport it as a statement, and a million other things could come to your mind. If not anything else, you could even use it to cool your head by using the fans embedded inside the mask. Probably that is why it is titled Mask with two fans, simple and to the point.

From an aesthetic viewpoint, the mask is symbolic of the Steampunk movement with its extensive use of leather and metal elements. Steampunk is a movement currently in vogue with Goths, punks, industrial music listeners, and BDSM aficionados. It features fantasy elements inspired by the futuristic fiction of HG Wells and Jules Verne. The movement gets its name from the world it portrayed, a world where steam power and spring mechanisms are widely used.

Coming back to Mask with two fans, the mask has a dystopian feel to it – another feature of the Steampunk movement. As everyone know, Mask with two fans is crafted by Bob Basset, a highly successful underground Ukranian group specialized in making Steampunk masks.

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