Map Envelope Helps in Locating Your Position

It is a Saturday night and you are miles away from your loved one. Work commitments require you to travel. You are tired of lonely spaces and empty faces. You wish something would pick you up and place you down near her. E-mails, exchanging text messages, and leaving scraps on Facebook are instant, but lack the romantic fuzz.

A moment of inspiration strikes you. Why not write a letter and mail it to her. What could be more romantic than an old-fashioned love letter? You even think of personalizing the boring white envelope, which will carry the letter, to convey how much you miss her.

You rack your brain thinking of the perfect envelope template. Enclosing your letter in a bright red envelope flashes in your head, but it would be too cliche. Not to mention the bright red might startle her.

You think of a teddy bear design, but she has outgrown the whole teddy bear phase. Other love motifs flash across your head: flowers, candies…but it just does not seem right. And then you have a brainwave.

Imprinting the envelope with a map of your location that has a personalized message would be perfect. But can it be done? With mapenvelope this is perfectly possible.

All you have to do is log on to the website; enter your location, type in your message (try to make it as romantic as possible), preview the map and print. In four easy steps, you have an uber-romantic envelope template with your location and your message. The map would be printed on the inside of the envelope.

Since the map is a Google map, it has directions to get to your place. Just in case your loved one decided to spring a surprise visit.

Conceived by Turkish artist Beste Miray Dogan, this inspired innovation allows you to say and do more than a postcard.

Imagine you are on vacation in an exotic destination. You wish to communicate your experiences to your family and friends. Maybe make them feel a little jealous too.

So, you click picturesque images of the landscape, write about your experiences on paper, and mail it using a map envelope. You could have your family and friends burn with envy with your personalized message. How about, “Am in Paradise!”

In this day and age of electronic and instant messaging, a map envelope may seem outdated. Try and remember the last time you received a letter and how special it made you feel. This author does.

A personalized letter in a map envelope retains an old world charm of saying ‘I miss you’ and ‘Wish you were here.’

Did you just learn how to make things interesting by using such envelopes. Know more about such products like 3D Robot Greeting Cards and Pacman Note Cards.