A Fictional Periodic Table of Elements for Fun-loving Geeks

Chemistry is one of the subjects that nerds and geeks initially fell in love with, for it allowed them to play with the compounds and elements, test-tubes and pipettes in the school lab. For non-geeks though, the chemistry lab was a place where the foulest of smells emanated and thus was a place better best forgotten.

periodic table fictional

Russell Walks, who is an artist and not a geek himself, tries to dwell into the minds of geeks and has realized that much of the modern day geek-culture, as represented through video games and TV shows also contain names of unpronounceable imaginary compounds and elements.

He thus decided to create a periodic table containing 122 fictional elements, and the list contains everything from Corbonite to Kryptonite. The list also contains Wonderflonium and Crapcrapium, all of which are found in various forms of media in the geek-culture.

Moreover, Russell has declared he doesn’t even care if some are elements or compounds, for he ain’t a geek at all and created this periodic table only for the purpose of enjoyment, and to portray the feverish obsession of geeks to get hold of periodic tables no matter where they go. The compounds are arranged according to the media in which they appear, and must not be confused for real elements and compounds.

periodic table fictional full

If you however would like to take a look at art which was inspired by the real periodic elements table, we have covered several. I had listed 19 Cool & Geeky Period Tables of Elements sometime back. That huge list must be enough for the geeks who believe in authenticity! The fictional Periodic Table of Elements costs $25.

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