Velocity Mobile Phone Design

I love talking about Mobile phones and I am sure you would like this Velocity Mobile Phone designed by French designer David Turpin, who puts together a cool looking futuristic design.

velocity mobile 2

It reminds me of HTC and Apple iPhone for its similarities as you can see the smooth touchscreen and the round thing that seems to be a joystick. David Turpin has designed many consumer devices such as computer, kitchen and office accessories. There is not enough information on the mobile phones.

velocity mobile

There are models with the QWERTY keyboard and open up like a netbook but these are still concepts. If they integrate amazing features that excel iPhone, they would be welcomed very warmly else Velocity would just remain a common brand among others.

velocity mobile 1

There are many astonishing concepts in pipeline to be turned into reality such as Dial Pocket Watch Concept and the New Cobalto Transparent Mobile Phone Design.