This Cute Tiny Cannon Will Blow Your Mind Away

“Wow…it is so tiny…so cute…so adorable…” is probably the first thing that flashes across your mind when you look at this microscopic gold-colored cannon resting peacefully in your palm. On a cuteness scale, the tiny cannon could match up to pudgy babies and furry puppies.

But do not, and I repeat, do not let its size fool you. For a thing no bigger than a fingernail, it packs a punch more powerful than Muhammad Ali.

The mini cannon has a solid base on which the cylindrical bore rests. A toothpick like lever is attached to one side of the base. The lever is used to aim the cannon and a dot-sized hole performs the function of the vent – where you load the ammunition into the cannon.

When I first saw this mini gun, I smirked. How could this even work, let alone punch a hole? So, I watched the video and saw the entire ordeal and was simply amazed!

First, the mini cannon was loaded, which is an interesting experience in itself. You aim the mouth of the cannon skyward; you pour in the gunpowder, and drop the steel ball inside it. Return the mouth to its original position and then insert a fuse in the vent.

Next, search for a suitable target. The creator’s eyes landed on an empty coke can and placed it a few feet away from the cannon to follow by lighting the fuse (borrowing the cigarette).

The cannon fired and recoiled while the coke-can moved a centimeter or so. Immediately afterwards, the can could show the damage; the mini cannon had blasted a hole in the can, which one could clearly see the entry and exit point.

Impressed by the first experiment and its results, the cannon’s power was tested on glass. A zero-watt bulb was selected and placed at a similar distance and the cannon fired away. Surprisingly, the cannon ripped open the top half of the bulb. “Tiny” (the nickname for the cannon) was beginning to grow.

Then, after having tested its firing power, it was decided to have some fun with it, and it was tested on a raw egg. After making sure that the egg is securely fastened to a holder (you don’t want to have egg all over the room), the cannon fired again. Needless to say, the egg was obliterated.

Well, this is fun, but now a real challenge was required for the “Tiny”, so a beer mug came into sight; a perfect thing for the next target.

To cut a similar story short, pieces of the mug now lie in the maker’s dustbin. The “Tiny” cannon repeatedly proved that it is a major force to be reckoned with and the cutest deadly device one can have.

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Via: Boing Boing