The Ultimate Gaming Room for Geeks

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always wanted my very own “man cave” of sorts that would contain all of my favorite hobbies in one compact area. This gaming room, however, goes so far beyond the call of duty I’m not even sure where to begin. I mean let’s take a look at what we have here…

awesome gameroom for geeks

Naturally, if you’re the gamer type, you’re going to want some electronics and gaming hardware. A flat screen TV, consoles, and of course an entertainment center that puts your average gamer to shame. I’ll admit while I recognize a number of the systems here there are plenty I’m not familiar with. The older models in particular are obviously before my time, although I can still appreciate a table top Popeye game. Round it off with with some brand new consoles (where’s the Wii sensor go?) and I could probably spend months exploring the electronic section alone.

best gameroom ever

Of course one can’t survive just on electronic games alone, and you’ll certainly be covered here as well. If you’re looking for a more physical experience, we have some board games and other toys. According to the author, these games were all produced by Nintendo, although I think it’s a fun exercise just trying to examine the functionality of the games pictured. I can’t imagine what the actual worth of this room is fiscally speaking, but it has to be a boat load. Of course even a massive collection like this is missing a few things, I mean you’d have to throw in a Steampunk Gameboy while munching on some Gameboy toast.

coolest gameroom

Assuming that much of this is Nintendor’s work, you could probably make a Nintendo museum with all of these relics. I had no idea Nintendo had such a longstanding line of products outside their flagship consoles, but apparently they also had some more traditional businesses like taxi and food services. Regardless I think the whole lot is fascinating, particularly if you’re interested in learning about the history of gaming. Let’s say they allowed you hang out here as long as you want and play with whatever you want. How long do you think it would take you to finally run out of things to do? At one point do all the electronics, consoles, board games, toys, etc. all blend together and boredom finally starts to set in? I’d wager quite awhile.

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