Beat the Summer Heat with the Beer Blaster Liquid Shooter

Are you looking for something to beat the summer heat? Are you too old to play with a water gun? Well don’t worry because here’s the Beer Blaster Liquid Shooter.

True to its name, the Beer Blaster blasts out beer from the nozzle of a water gun allowing you to drench your friends in beer from head to toe. All you got to do is shake your can of beer or soda, slide it into reservoir shooter of the Liquid Shooter and when you lock the reservoir holder down, a small needle will puncture your beer can and the carbonation will give you sufficient amount of pressure to soak your friends with beer. If you want more pressure you can always give your gun a shake.Beat the Summer Heat

This awesome beer shooter can be used with any standard 12oz soda or beer can and shoots up to a distance of 10 feet and even if you’re not in the mood for any beer fights, you can always use this brilliant Beer Blaster to shoot beer right into your mouth and enjoy the cool rush as the beer oozes down your throat.

Beat the Summer Heat (2)

This amazing Beer Blaster Liquid Shooter is available for $22.99. So you beat the scorching heat and relive those water gun fights you enjoyed in your childhood in more mature way now, with beer!

I wonder what’s going to be next, a popcorn gun or does one already exist?

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