Tetris Cake: Can You Eat Level 600?

There’s never been such a universally loved game as Tetris, so can you really improve on perfection? Well if you’re making your very own Tetris cake to pay homage to the classic game, absolutely. A kind soul posted pictures of his little brother’s birthday cake proudly displaying a complete level 600.

The cake’s design by Robbersdog is particularly awesome because you can slowly widdle away the pieces with each person taking their own game piece to eat. Really when you think about it, the Tetris design can be adapted to every aspect of your life. Need a place to sit? This Tetris couch has your bottom covered. Need some more exercise? Not to worry, this Analog game of Tetris will help you burn the calories after eating your decadent Tetris cake. Of course after working up a sweat you’ll need to take a shower…yeah,  you guessed it! Tetris soap will wash away the stink with puzzle-like goodness. Although I’m not sure what scent should be assigned to a Tetris block, they should work on that for the latest Axe fragrance..except instead of women chasing the guy around it will be Tetris blocks. I’d buy that. With this Tetris Piggy Bank you can even handle your personal finances! Is there anything Tetris can’t do? I don’t think so.

Now if I had to guess, the blocks look to be some kind of marshmallow or they could be tiny cake pieces with dyed icing on the outside. I’m only speculating here since an ingredients list is not posted, nor unfortunately is the time it took to put this delicious puzzle cake together. I think once the party guests began eating they should have put on the Tetris theme song until it was finished, at which point the level completion sound byte should play. Party games could be played this way too, just break up the Tetris couch into each individual piece when you play musical chairs and remove one per round as the game goes along. Oh yeah, I have it all figured out for my next “surprise” birthday party.