Create a Touchscreen Knob For iPhone and iPod

If you want to do something interesting, then create your own touchscreen knob for your iPhone or iPod, which is a new hack that illustrates how much more innovative the iPhone could be.


Many times we feel that certain things in our hands should be bigger, like when I the use stylus of an iPhone or iPod, I feel that it should have been bit thick to give tactile experience. So, in case you are like me and want to feel the knob in your hands just have a close look at how this knob is created and then give it a try.

I would like to point out that this knob uses the same mechanism as is used to create touchscreen-friendly styluses. With its analog capacities the knob will let you rotate objects on the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch or even iPad while resting on the screen. I guess it will work with other touchscreen phones too. You can decide the size of the knob yourself but do not pick a bigger sized thing.

Bearing resemblance to the soft stylus, the principle behind making this touchscreen friendly knob is detecting a mode to make a conductive path from the user’s hand to the touch screen.  dsLabs began making it by using copper tape along with conductive fabrics and wires to make the two touch points on either side of the knob work. This is the work of extreme patience to tune the touch points at the opposite sides of the knob so that they read the screen properly.

You may not get succeeded in the first attempt if you are not good in handling wires and engineering stuff, but if you try again, you may get a rotating knob working perfectly with your iPhone or iPod.

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Via: Gizmodo