Brass Stormtrooper Helmet is Perfect for the Star Wars Theme

You do not have to be a Star Wars fan to have one look at this Brass Stormtrooper helmet and agree that it is one of the most beautiful and geeky helmets you have ever seen. Well…you are not alone…probably all geeks will be in agreement with you.

brass stormtrooper helmet 1

Created to coincide with the Star Wars concert, this epic Stormtrooper Helmet also known as the Brasstrooper is one of the coolest we seen and is actually being placed up for auction with receipts given to charity. It was made by 501st Legion with an outstanding finish and a priceless golden touch.

brass star wars stormtrooper helmet

The Brass Stormtrooper helmet is up there with the Darth Vader Helmets collection we just seen as in the most amazing and creative Star Wars designs out there. I am not sure about any of you, but it could really make a geek want to take up music lessons and learn how to play the Imperial March or better yet…join the Cantina band.

star wars brass stormtrooper helmet

501st Legion Via: Craziest Gadgets