Behold Chuck Norris’s Childhood Toys, Now On Display!

Chuck Norris, there are absolutely no words in my dictionary that can completely describe him, but that’s got nothing to do with these toys on display, they are just an art collection, a rather sick kind of collection I think, but then again this is one heck of a feat to pull off and even a tougher one to put them on display. Shi Jinsong, the artist has created these pieces of art to showcase the clash of the old Chinese culture with the modern life today.

Baby Metal Accessories2

This collection include everything that a regular child would come across at least once in his/her childhood, regular stuff like a carriage, a tricycle, a walker, a pram, few toys and even a full fledged mail armour suit for the baby, which makes me put on my thinking cap and wonder what exactly was going on in the artists  mind when he was creating such a chain of deathly art pieces.

Baby Metal Accessories3

All the installations have this sadistic aura of the deathly steel and the sharp razor edges that keep protruding from various parts of his creations, but one thing must be noted, every piece in this collection is a job well done, the amount of effort that has been put in giving the details and the finishing touches are exceptional.

Baby Metal Accessories3

Also noteworthy are the cool designs, ideas and the use of just sheer metal and nothing else!, say what, these might just be the perfect toys that some freaky metal Rockstar out there would be in search of! And not leaving our dear hero out of this craziness, it may not be considered a lie to say that probably Chuck Norris had them all round during his childhood and also broke a few while playing with them.

Baby Metal Accessories5

Come to think of it we have some other cool metal collections that might not appear as sick as this one, like the Greed Eater or the freaky Predator Motorcycle, a similar bike for the grown-ups (not for the kids!).

Baby Metal Accessories6

Baby Metal Accessories8

Baby Metal Accessories9

Baby Metal Accessories12

Baby Metal Accessories13

Baby Metal Accessories16

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