Fight the Heat This Summer With the New World of Warcraft Dragonflights Stein Mug

The cold, dry, snowy winter months are finally over, and the warm, breezy, sunny summer months are upon us. Summer is a season of clear blue skies, unfiltered sunshine, and colorful flowers; not to mention bikinis, beaches, and toned bodies.

People like to venture out, take in the sun, and cool the temperature with liquids such as cool lemonades, ice crushed granitas, and chilled sherbets. But there is no drink that symbolizes the warm and fuzzy summer season like a nice round cold mug of beer. Beer is good for your skin; it replenishes the bodily fluids drained in the heat, and allows you to have a swinging time with your mates.

Though you love to have the fuzzy malted barley brew, you are a little bored with the ordinary looking mugs in which beer is served at local pubs and bars. So this summer season, ring in the happy hours with the new World of Warcraft Dragonflights Stein, an intricately designed beer mug, perfect to sip your favorite summer drink from.

The beer mug features an ornately crafted, solid-metal pewter lid, which features an inscription of the Dragonflights. One of the many standout features of this beer stein is its handle that resembles a dragon tail. The work on the handle makes you feel as if you are gripping the tail of a beast, when you hold it.

This beer stein features illustrations of the five Dragon Aspects from the World of Warcraft. Nozdormu – the bronze dragon that guards the spiral pathways of time and fate; Alexstrasza – the protector of all living beings; Ysera – the lithe green dragon who watches over the growing wilds and is the younger sister of Alexstrasza; Malygos – the blue spell weaver and the guardian of magic and hidden Arcanum; and Neltharion – the ruler of earth and deep places of the world.

These five Dragon Aspects are full of color, life, and fire, which give the beer stein a graphical edge. The Warcraft Dragonflights Stein has been visualized and designed by a leading name in fantasy art -James Zhang. Zhang is known for his design contributions at Lucas Arts.

Handcrafted from fine grain stoneware, the stein has an old world aristocratic feel to it. When you drink from it, you would feel like an emperor or king, drinking from their specially designed beer stein.

Though it is a beer stein, it can be used to consume any other beverage –hot or cold.The Warcraft Dragonflights Stein is your perfect drinking accomplice this summer, whether you are a Warcraft fan or not.  You can get this mug at $99.99.

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