JetBike: Now This Is Some Good Competition For The Y2K!

We put a Jet Engine on a Bike and we got the Y2K!, but why did we do so? it’s because we can and we will at some point of time, so why not now? With a similar vision designer Norio Fujikawa has designed his JetBike, a Bike that will grant the biker the ability to literally fly high in the sky!JetBike1

The cool Bike is something that every biker must have dreamed at least once in his lifetime, the freedom, the fun and the most important factor, the feeling of nirvana that one attains through the endless rides which just keep urging you to go even further, beyond everything that will ever try to tie you to this world; only a true biker is able to relish such a feeling!


This cool bike has been designed similar to the amazing jet scooter, and is just to make this very dream turn into a reality, although it may take a few more years to realize this dream. This JetBike is a retro combination of all the major segments of a bike all retro fitted onto a simplistic wing design that is probably what gives this extraordinary bike the ability to talk to the skies.


No matter what sort of road you take there is this old saying that goes ‘Never Ask Any Old Bloke For Directions”, but with a vehicle like this I think such a situation may never arise!


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