Pacman Arcade Game Made of Legos? Believe It

Cheeseball Naruto references aside, I’m absolutely floored by this tabletop arcade game made out of legos. If you’re thinking it would make a great decoration for your man cave but would otherwise be nonfunctional, think again. The electronics have been integrated into the build, so yes, you can still actually play Pacman on it.

Now the electronics are made of a Jamma 48-1 board, which means that Pacman isn’t the only game that’s going up on the big screen, you also have your option of Donkey Kong, Space Invaders, and more retro gaming than you can shake a stick at! The images below show a more clear picture of what makes this mountain of lego awesomeness tick, but I can only guess how long this thing actually took to put together. Guessing from the pictures you’re likely looking at thousands upon thousands of tiny little lego pieces that had to be fused together. I’m gonna put in a rough estimate at 1 bazillion man hours, give or take a gazillion.

Don’t get me wrong, we have seen some pretty innovative and interesting (obscure?) lego creations here on Walyou. I mean just the other day we saw a  lego Dune Sandworm. Who sits down with their lego bucket and says you know what would be cool? If I put together a replica of the giant sand worms from Dune. Not me, but whoever you are guy (or girl), I salute you. Let’s not also forget the more mainstream Lego Terminator Bust who also featured a creepy imitation of the 1980s thriller. I think I was scarred for life when I first saw that movie, but I digress. The lego arcade game has to be one of the best blends of practicality and creativity in awhile, and that’s saying something considering the blog that I write for. Unfortunately there’s no indication as to what it would cost to get one of these if you wanted one of your own, but considering the sheer amount of lego pieces that went into it and the large number of man hours needed to put it together, I’d say it would be a pretty penny.

Via: The Brothers Brick