Cool Megaman Boss Rubik’s Cube For Megaman Fans

Within no time after entering the world of gaming on NES way back in 1987, the Capcom’s famous Megaman game made fans all over the world since then and it still continues to do same. with this Megaman Boss Cube, you have a chance to cherish the good old megaman memories!Meganman Boss Cube

The Megaman Boss Rubik’s Cube by Pixelbrush comprises many bosses from the famous NES Megaman series, is covered with boss selection screens from Megaman games 1 through 6 and the Cube is about 2.5 inches in length, having standard 3×3 small blue colored cubes on each side of the Cube with photos of various Megaman Bosses from your favorite series. Don’t worry if you are stuck in between and you are unable to go further for this cube is accompanied by a help sheet. So now you can enjoy the Megaman experience in a cool unusual manner with this cube and you can own it by shelling out just $10!

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