Round Trip Pocket Watch from Tokyoflash: the Most Ideal Timepiece for Travelers

You would definitely agree to the fact that no one can surpass the amazing and freaking creativity of Japan electronics with super complications and brilliant concepts in every little gadget. Let’s check out this round trip pocket watch to justify the above statement, taking in the realms of latest technologies.Round Trip Pocket Watch (3)

That most breath-taking concept, especially made for all geeks, this pocket watch, made of stainless steel can be hooked to any kind of keychain with its key ring, and comes in dimensions 41 mm x 50 mm x 11 mm. This brilliant watch also features USB cable and spare USB cap, thus you definitely don’t have to worry about your battery life.

Round Trip Pocket Watch

Amazing concept by Tokyoflash, this totally unconventional design has a LED animation program that can be viewed before displaying the time by just pushing a button. But you definitely have to know on thing, if you are using the most improvised gadget that’s made with lots of brain-blowing ideas; you’d need to pt in some efforts to read the time too! The orange Flashlights show you the hours while the blue LED lights show the minutes and the green LED’s show two single minutes.

Round Trip Pocket Watch (2)

Extremely unique in its concept, this pocket watch also proves to be water resistant, and with so many unconditional concepts of flashy lights, it just takes 3.5 hours of charging, that would last up to a month, available for just $73.

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