Now You Can Also Have Your Own Batmobile Replica

Superman had his cape and flew his way around town. Spiderman had his super-strong web to sling from one building to another when he was needed.  The Hulk just jumped or ran straight ahead without bothering for traffic lights or obstacles. James Bond had a cool getaway car, but you would not consider Mr. Bond to be a superhero.

That leaves with a dark, looming, troubled character; someone who did not have superpowers but was still considered a superhero. Criminals would shiver when his sign flashed in the night sky. A winged nocturnal creature is his calling card. Recently voted the number one superhero of all time, we are talking about the Batman.

Batman had a vehicle that befits a superhero – the stylishly black Batmobile.  In superhero folklore, the Batmobile is known as the meanest street machine befitted with armor, arsenal, and gizmos. If you have ever dreamed of owning the jet black Batmobile then read on.

The Batmobile featured in Tim Burton’s Batman and Batman Returns is highly regarded for its Art Deco aesthetic and technology. It is widely believed that Burton’s version of the Batmobile was a fully functional car. The gadgets on the car were operational and so was the gas turbine; however the later consumed an enormous amount of fuel.

The 1989 Batmobile had an eclectic mix of computers, gadgets, guns, and calculators. The interior featured contoured seats, a steering wheel and dashboard that resembled ones used in fighter jets, and the latest in weapons technology of that era that included two Browning submachine guns.

Batman had a supremely intelligent and analytical mind, and this is reflected in his getaway car. The Tim Burton Batmobile had a grappling hook that allowed the vehicle to anchor and take turns at extremely tight angles. Pursuers (mostly cops) would be baffled and stop pursuit of the car.

One of the vehicle’s more advanced feature was its super hydraulics that would change according to the course. This allowed Batman to sail smoothly on any kind of a surface. It is available at $1999.99.

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