Tokyoflash Gridlock Concept Watch: a Timepiece that Personifies Sophistication

How fabulous is it to have a fancy watch that tells you time in absolute precision and with a cool style statement. Here is the most amazing conceptual design for a timepiece that smart, sleek and that which uses cutting-edge technology to do what your rather simple wristwatch does, but yes, it does it with complete advanced technology and offers terrific features as well.

tokyoflash gridlock concept watch

A fantastic Tokyoflash watch design, Gridlock has looks that are designed to kill, it boasts of a sleek body built in metal with a black screen and an orange interface. Undoubtedly, the watch has clear indications for the hours and minutes. The hours are displayed on the left in highlighted squares and the minutes on the right in digits. Quite like the brilliant Tokyoflash watch range, this one too, has a unique design and a statement that is sophisticated and cool.

With a square dial that protrudes from the watch strap, the design is quite asymmetrical and that adds that style quotient to the whole time piece. Needless to say, it has some of the most advanced functions and features that are also highly sought after.

tokyoflash gridlock concept watch

What are you waiting for, check out more images and information and better yet, place your order for this latest design in the Tokyoflash official website. And if you are intrigued by this design and want to check out other interesting and stunning Tokyoflash watch designs, check out the Sensha Watch and the the Supersonic Watch Design; these are wristwatches to die for!

tokyoflash gridlock concept watch design 1