Google TV will change the way you have been using your TV, literally!

Google has announced its latest creation and this time it seems that the Web and Smartphones are not just enough as the Mountain View Company enters yours living room with Google TV. Those who support this latest adventure include the likes of Sony, Logitech and Intel.

Google showcased what Google TV at the Google I/O with the basic tagline: TV meets Web. Web meets TV. Really interesting it is since we were not satisfied with what Apple offered with Apple TV and there is every opportunity for Google to bring the best of Web and TV on the biggest and best screen of the household.

Google TV announcement

Google aims that the consumer do not have to compromise on either of the two entertainments.

As for Web, you will have a Chrome browser running on your TV on Android platform. To be efficient and effective, keyboard will finally be an input device for TV too and your android phone will have another compelling addition to its features list as it will also support and help in big way with Google TV.

Google TV show details

As for TV, you can always watch your shows and do normal stuff as you have been doing without any compromise but now you can search and find TV shows, hot topics on TV channel-wise, program listings, download a video to watch it directly on your TV, etc etc. So your TV is not just a box displaying videos, it will become an entertainment hub as it will become a photo slideshow viewer, a gaming console, a music player and much more.

Not much info is available right now in terms of hardware spec-sheet but we have learned that Google TV devices will come equipped with the Intel CE4100 processor, HDMI, and Wifi (pretty unforgettable!) , along with an IR blaster for some devices to tune to your cable or satellite box.

The interface is search driven and a search would tell you which channel will be showing your desired TV show and at what time. With support for Flash 10.1, you will be watching a comedy YouTube video on your large TV screen. Isn’t that just wonderful?

Google TV availability

The partners of Google have had their share of promises too! While Sony will offering Sony Internet TVs (I hope they find a better name) and Blu-Ray players with Google TV  this fall, Logitech will come up with a set-top box with a harmony remote and HD camera (sometime later) to keep you busy on video chat. Apart from that Dish network is also planning a Google TV box while full platform as a whole will be available at Best Buy. There you go, Google TV.

We may soon seen the websites adapting themselves to suit to Google TV and a flurry of developers trying their fortunes with Google TV.

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Via Engadget