Future Nintendo DS Goes 3D with a New Concept

Nintendo DS Consoles are undergoing drastic improvements and here we have a striking conceptual model of a possible Future Nintendo DS with 3D capabilities.

Future Nintendo DS 1

Designed by Mario Troise this one looks like a mix of the regular Nintendo DS and a Sony’s Portable PC. Let me clear it in the beginning only that this one is just a concept and the designer is also thinking whether they gonna work hard to make it a reality. 3D has become hype these days and if coupled with touch screen, it can become a most wanted gadget.

Future Nintendo DS 2

The Future Nintendo DS boasts of bright flexible touch screen with mega resolution that makes 3D graphics pop out of the screen. Wow! I can’t just resist the thought of touching a graphic to play the game on the Future Nintendo Console. Also, one would not need any special glasses to view these graphics.

Future Nintendo DS 3

This concept model is designed to be used at any angle and can also be used as a board game when laid flat. This way it can be pretty good option for multiplayer games but guys don’t even think of popping your hands simultaneously as you may do when you see your favorite food while you are partying. Touchscreen gadgets are very fragile and thus they should be handled with care.

Future Nintendo DS 4

The futuristic concept comes loaded with GPS, motion sensors, 3 cameras (2 in front to track the hands and faces of players to create full interaction with the games and one at back) and light sensors. The best part of this concept is that you can grab objects to play without even touching the screen. The 3D system is the core of the Future Nintendo DS.

Future Nintendo DS 5

This concept looks like a netbook and lets you buy games online but this is not fully functional as a laptop as being a mere video game console it lacks document readers, music and e-mail capabilities. But, you can obviously access multiples applications and play games simultaneously, thanks to its fast processor.
Its design is very simple and as the designer has a liking towards the mechanical buttons, he has therefore made the buttons of this videogame console in arrow and round shapes. You can also see volume buttons on the side as you see on your mobile. It also has a stylus which comes out when pressed and an SD card slot.

I know you must be thinking to get this kind of a Console at your home and enjoy 3D gaming sitting on your couch. Let us hope like the designer big guys do something soon on this concept.

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