A Watch Concept Math Geeks Will Dig

This watch makes math geeks look cool! Rather simple this watch brings out its awesomeness as it shows you the time through a number of mathematical equations and is definitely not for you if you got an ‘F’ in Math at school.A Watch Concept Math Geeks Will Dig
Imagine telling your fellow math geeks that you’ll meet them at quarter past the square root of 64. Brilliant ain’t it? Well that’s exactly what this watch does, bringing the brilliance of math into the daily life of its lovers.
This watch does not contain the regular numerals 1 to 12 like any normal watch but instead chooses to display time by making you solve a couple of equations in your head, stuff that you crave for. When it’s one o’clock you’ll see the small hand of the watch on 102,413 – 102,412 and the large hand resting on the simple 6×2. Well what could be more exciting?
Besides the simple ones like the square-root of 4 in place of 2 and the square-root of 64 for 8 they’re also a couple of one’s which you’ll have fun solving in your head like the 50/2=100/x which has been spectacularly substituted for 4, the 1/8×96/2 in the pace where 6 used to be and the 198 198÷66, well as if you don’t know in pace of what! Well it’s -8=2-x here so I’ve got to go, see you’ll tomorrow at 630÷126.
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via: fyeahMath