Left 4 Dead Zombie Cake Makes First Aid Delicious

Imagine yourself for a second being chased by zombies and badly wounded, and just as you are ready to go down in a blaze of glory you see a first aid kit. Desperate and alone, you sprint toward the kit, grab it both hands and..realize it’s actually a Left 4 dead zombie cake. Don’t feel bad, you can get eaten knowing that the detail on this cake is amazing and whoever made it put a hell of alot of work into it in order to fool you. Or to eat, I’m not sure which, I lost my train of thought.

If you’re not familiar with the Left 4 Dead series not to worry, it’s probably a story you’ve heard before, just not as fun. After a catastrophic pandemic hits mankind, just about everyone is turned into zombies except (surprise!) for a select few known as the “survivors,” who not so ironically spend their time surviving by blowing up every single zombie they come across. The 4 player co-operative mode happens to be one of my favorite gaming experiences in some time if I do say so. It’s a fantastic breath of fresh air for zombie games and this cake by Debbie is a great way to pay tribute. Unfortunately all we have to go on is the picture, but I can imagine it took quite some time to put together a delicious cake with this much detail, from the zippers on the first aid kit to the surrounding gore likely representing someone making a final last dash for the kit before they were laid low by the zombie hordes. It happens.

Yes I know, many cake designs have been done before, some notable ones are the Scooby Doo Mystery Machine or even the HR Giger Alien Wedding Cake. Unfortunately I don’t think my local bakery would be willing to put one of these together for my next Halloween party, but I’m gonna touch base with them just to be sure. I’d wonder how many people who see this actually get the reference before they eat it, I mean once you bite into the sugary goodness who cares what it’s supposed to be, right?