Now Fight Your Own Star Wars with the Star Wars Classic Battle TV Games

The epic saga Star Wars was the brainchild of George Lucas. Based in a fictional galaxy it has aliens, droids and also humans. In Star wars it is common to travel in space and many planets of the galaxy are members of the Galactic Empire. A story is never complete without a conflict and Star Wars has its share of them.

Till date Star Wars movies have been the third highest grossing series only losing to James Bond and Harry Potter. With something so popular it would be foolish to imagine that there are no games based on it. Yes you are right! There have been quite a few of them. Games based on the Star War series can be found on handheld consoles, TV video games, and mobile and online games.

However, one very ‘interesting’ gaming piece that is available now is the Star Wars Classic Battles TV games. It is being termed ‘interesting’ because unlike other TV games it does not have a separate console. The entire gaming piece is simply one joystick that also doubles up as the console. The unit consists of a D-pad, LED light, an on-off button, a pause button and A and B buttons. The only thing that has to be included into the piece is 4 AA sized batteries.

In all there are five games included in the unit. The Gunship Battle is a war between clones and droids. Flying over  hills in the Republic Gunship and deploying troopers, enemy gun ships are to be shot down to proceed to the next level.

Coruscant Attack is once again a combat game where separatist battleships are destroyed by shooting down gun turrets and missile launchers. Power-ups are required for blasters, mines, and the ability to slow time.

Grievous Onslaught is a mission to rescue Chancellor Palpatine. On General Grievous’s flagship droids have to be battled and at the same time General Grievous to be avoided.

Droid Invasion is all about deflecting droids. Countering and destructing all blaster attacks results in big scores.

In the Utapau Chase game General Grevious is tracked down to the planet of Utapau. The mission is to bring a final end to the Separatist threat in an all out battle.

With five games and one gaming piece, “Wow” is the only word that comes out of my mouth. All that is needed to be done is to plug the piece into the television set and get set go. Instantly you find yourself in the midst of a space battle, flying through space, dueling with a light saber and blasting away battle droids. The security of the Galactic Empire is in your hands, so good luck for your mission’s success and play safe and smart! You can buy the Star Wars Battle TV Games at $28.99.

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