Have A Walk Down The Memory Lane With This Memorial Coffee Set

What does the ‘Industrial Design Research Center’ in Mexico City come up with, to present all it’s professors and Industrial Design Graduates on it’s Fortieth Anniversary? A cool Memorial Coffee Set that can be easily designed and produced in the usual workshops available at school.Memorial Coffee Set1Designer Andrea Ortega has designed this classic memorial coffee set that comprises of a wooden tray and of course the ceramic coffee set! This elegant looking set comprises of the wooden tray, the coffee jar with lid, 4 mugs, 4 plates, a sugar container and a cream container which sums it all to turn into a pretty decent present.

Memorial Coffee Set2

The classic color scheme of Black & White do nothing but add more to the appeal and charm of this set, also every component of the set bears a cool logo of the college ‘CIDI 4D’ just to add that extra touch of remembrance.

Memorial Coffee Set3

This set has been created with the  sole purpose to permanently reside in the hearts and shelves of the graduates and professors and if you are looking for something  similar the you either have to graduate from this school or check out a few of these; the Pyramid Shaped Coffee Table Cum iPod Dock or sip some of the hot coffee in this Canon Lens Shaped Mug.