Google announces Chrome Web Store: Marketplace for Web Apps

After shaking the smartphone industry with the announcement of Froyo at the I/O, and roping in Sony, Logitech and Intel for Google TV, The search giant made one more point towards the future by bringing into light its plan about web app store in its browser, chrome.Chrome Web Store

Web Apps are something that the world is catching with right now. Not many such apps are available and those available are not known or reachable to masses. Surely, Apple did some decent work by providing Web Apps via its popular app store for it’s iPad and iPhone users but that is far from the reach of the masses and Apple’s stringent policies would never mean any good to the ordinary.

Chrome web store app page

I am really happy that Google took a note of the situation and came out at the very right time about its plans for the future regarding web apps. Why the time is right now, you may ask. See, the launch of Google’s Chrome OS is near and on the other hand, web apps will have hard time growing on their own without an open support or platform. As for Chrome OS, Google will definitely need something to justify people for using it or even take it seriously in comparison to Windows/Mac, let alone shift completely, which remains as a far possibility to a fan like me, too as of right now.

Well, all this geared into the announcement of a marketplace for developers of web apps and Google timed it perfectly with other major announcements at the I/O. Surely this will increase the heat in the ongoing Google-Apple battle as the former has lined itself up as a threat once again after launching Android, in the form of Chrome Web Store. Here it is what it is.

Chrome web store will open up to the public later this year and you will find a tag in your chrome browser which will direct you to the web store to search, find, locate and purchase web apps provided by developers over there. Developers in turn, see huge potential with the availability of as many as ever growing 75 million users. More than what you get combined for all iPhone, ipod touch and iPad.

WebApp Sports illustrated

As an Example, the mountain view company also showcased an issue of the magazine, Sports Illustrated, which really took the attendees off their feet and the praise for HTML5 used therein was obvious. It was more intelligent and bigger than what Apple showcased at its conference with the New york Times web app. That was directly in the face of Apple. What do you think?

Sports illustrated page

Besides that, a web app will run on any modern browser, Google claimed. Application you purchase will have a direct link at the main page of your chrome browser so that the launch is easy and direct. Even games will be available and those showcased were plants vs zombies and Lego Star Wars. Plus, installation is quick and the fun is Guaranteed. More remains to be exploited once the web store opens later this year. You watch out this space, for sure!

Lego Star wars webapp

Chrome Web Store coming soon

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