Discarded Keyboard and Floppy Disk Make up for a Recycled Pencil Cup

The age of electronics and convenience did leave us with an extravagance of convenience but came along another polluting culprit, the tech waste. The Recycled Keyboard Pencil Cup is one the desk accessories that help us recycling discarded keyboards and do out bit to help save our mother earth. Recycled Pencil Cup

The Pen/Pencil Holder makes use of useless keyboard keys and floppy disks. No heavy duty tech process went into making these square and round cups, it something that you can do at home too. Apart from easing your eco-friendly conscience, this one helps you win some extra points on geek quotient. It can be bought for a reasonable price of $12 and you have the round or square shape to select from.

I am wondering why the idea of some fun paint job didn’t occur to the makers here. A good choice of vibrant colored keys would have led to these selling as hot cakes. Anyway for more keyboard art and accessories, check out the Comic Book Superhero Keyboard, the Recycled Keyboard Notebook and the Jelly-fish Inspired Keyboard Design.