Polpettek: 3 Little Pigs Project With Sound Effects

What is it about electronic devices that spell bounds all nerds or just creates a strong surge in us to get our hands on it? One such remarkable device Polpettek Multimedia Player will I guess be here to give the answers with its super-designed body and why all geeks will have a hands-up for this one.Polpettek – 3 Little Pigs Project

Polpettek – 3 Little Pigs Project (2)

Okay, so when you see this player at first sight, what strikes in your head? A Pig? Well, then it just is one, only that it is stationary and not alive! Taking the form of this cute little animal, three adorable pigs, or lets call it Polpettek, are amazingly designed wireless projectors and speaker sets by Eduardo Alessi. Definitely this will create a sophisticated ambience to add on to you theatre effect in your living room. Each pig has magnetized feet, so hat you can really do is just make all 3 pigs stand on each other, to blend them into just one speaker! A wonderful idea for an outdoor party!

Polpettek – 3 Little Pigs Project (3)

Well, it’s pretty common to see cool effects’ speakers, but one quality why I would prefer this one is for its amazing projecting capabilities. So this will definitely add on to some more room space, for they come in a perfect combo, so you don’t have to invest on speakers and a projector separately for your very own mini- theatre.

Polpettek – 3 Little Pigs Project (4)

Polpettek – 3 Little Pigs Project (5)

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