Nimbus 64 Mod: A Self-Made Gaming Console

Lightweight, built in screens with speakers and game controls – the handheld gaming console is a portable electronic device that can be taken along just about anywhere. With the entire gaming console in one single unit, gaming on the go could never have been simpler.

A recent addition to the list of handheld gaming consoles is the Nimbus 64. A result of six weeks of hard work the Nimbus 64 is a little large in size, but yet an awesome piece of creation. Making use of custom vacuum formed case, its D-pads and control sticks come from used Game Cube, Playstation and SuperPad controllers. It also makes use of a Zenith PS1 display screen as well as a number of nuts and bolts. On closer examination one can see that a battery, two loudspeakers, a headphone jack, a memory card slot and RumblePack have also been included in this console, making it a truly magnificent product.

Let us take a look at how this magnificent gaming piece was given shape. But before that here is a list of all those materials or sources of materials that have  gone into it – 2-Game Cube Controllers for Control Stick and D-Pad, 2-Packs of Copper Heat Sinks, 2-PTH08080WAZ, 1-Nintendo 64 System w/Expansion Pack, 1-Zenith PS1 Screen w/Speakers, 1-3-Pin On/Off Switch, 1-7.4v, 4700mAh li-polymer battery, 1-SuperPad Plus for Control Board and A,B,Z,C’s,R and L buttons , 1-Type M Charging Port, various wire, solder, 2.2k Resistors, 100uf Radial Capacitors, hardware, ABS Cement/Adhesives, Abrasives and so on.

The case has been designed using a polyester molded wooden template, which gives the body strength and quality. Holes are drilled in appropriate places for placing the control buttons accordingly. Cuts are also made in the cover to make place for the cartridge slot, memory card, charging slot, power button and headphone jack. All buttons are placed in position and so are the card slots, power switches, etc. Now comes the turn for the screen, which has a special Zenith PS1. A portion of the front panel is cut out to make room for the screen. The speakers and the battery are also placed there. With everything is place the final finishing touches are given. Now is the time to test a game of the console and enjoy!

The Nimbus 64 is one of the latest gaming consoles. In the past three decades many handheld gaming consoles have been introduced and over the years re-launched with some or the other modification. Game Boy Advance, Game Park 32, N-Gage, Playstation Portable, Nintendo DS are just a few among the numerous other gaming consoles available.

In the end, it is all for the sake of entertainment that a gaming console is bought. So go for the one that best suits you and keep yourself entertained.

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Via: Crunchgear