16 Salt and Pepper Shaker Designs for Your Geeky Meal

If there is something that bonds mankind, it has to be salt and pepper. I don’t think there isn’t a single culture in the world that does not use salt and pepper in some form to add flavor to their food. In fact, salt was used as a currency in the olden times, and pepper was the reason why new sea routes were discovered to the Orient, inevitably discovering the Americas.

Thus, salt and pepper have a very important place in human culture, and there isn’t a dining table in the world that doesn’t have Salt and Pepper Shakers. With that being the case, geeks would be pleased to know that there are literally dozens of Salt and Pepper shakers which are either inspired by video games, or gadgets or just plain geekdom.

Here is a list of 16 Salt and Pepper Shakers designs that would definitely wet a Geek’s appetite.

Tetris Salt & Pepper Shaker Set

Tetris well could be the most played classic game along with Pacman and Super Mario, but the essence of the game makes it easier to design a salt and pepper shaker set. Thus, the Tetris Salt & Pepper Shaker Set is a cool way to show how much you love this game.

Space Invaders Salt & Pepper Shakers

2 space-invaders-salt-and-pepper-shakers

Space Invaders is one of the other classic video games and this shaker here looks really cool. They come in yellow and red, and I guess you can take liberty to decide which one is for pepper and which one for salt. The Space Invaders Salt & Pepper Shaker Set could be a conversation starter.

Salt and Pepper Shakers Chemistry Set

3 salt-and-pepper-shakers-strike-a-rapport-with-chemistry1

Chemistry of course is one of the toughest subjects in school, and the first element that we all learned would be NaCl. NaCl stands for table salt and what better way than the Salt and Pepper Shakers Chemistry Set to remember those tough days in school?

Grenade Salt & pepper Shakers

This one here arrives looking only like a box full of explosives, and when you open it, you would be surprised to see salt and pepper shakers in the shape of hand grenades. Maybe you could “throw” the shakers when someone requests you to pass salt.

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Yin & Yang Salt and Pepper Shakers

The oriental theme of Yin & Yang is all about balance. Even on your table, you need a balance between salty taste and heat. Thus, the Yin & Yang Shakers could be a great idea.

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Screwed Up Salt & Pepper Shakers

Many of us can’t cook to even save our lives. Thus, an attempt to cook usually ends up “being screwed”. You could buy these Screwed Up Salt & pepper Shakers, which are literally screwed.

Lego Salt and Pepper Shakers

Like Tetris and Pacman, Lego is yet another symbol of geek culture that is proudly celebrated around the world. The Lego Salt and Pepper Shakers could be a great way to host geeks for dinner.

Rubik Cube Salt & pepper Grinders

Cooking is an art, but how one masters that art is a puzzle. What could be better than getting a Rubik Cube Salt & pepper Grinders as a metaphor to the obvious puzzle?

Battery Salt & pepper Shakers

A geek’s life is dominated by all kinds of batteries. Batteries for laptops, cellphones, various gadgets that one can’t even think of, and even batteries for vehicles if they are “green” enough. The Battery Salt & pepper Shakers could be a great gift to geeks and pretty relevant too.

Salt & Pepper Dispenser Maracas

Music lovers would agree that maracas can be quite novel, since most of our music is dominated by guitars and drums. As a metaphor to the indispensability of these secondary instruments which are very important, you could get the Salt & pepper Dispenser Maracas, in which salt & pepper are similar indispensable to food.

Lantern Salt & pepper Shakers

This could very well be the weirdest Salt & Pepper Shaker I have ever seen. If you ever go camping, you could use these Lantern Salt & Pepper Shakers perhaps.

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Switchtime Salt & Pepper Shaker

13 switch salt n peppeh

Switches, like batteries are an integral part of our lives. These Switchtime Salt & Pepper Shakers are not only cute, but also quite well thought out.

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Robotic Salt & Pepper Shakers

Some people do not like the idea of passing salt and pepper to other people on the dining table, not because they are impolite but because they are plain lazy. In such a case, one could get the Robotic Salt & Pepper Shakers which would walk across the dining table.

Keyboard Keys Salt & Pepper Shakers

There couldn’t be a better way to show your guests that you are a geek than to get one of these Computer Keyboard Keys Salt & Pepper Shakers.

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Bride and Groom Salt & Pepper Shakers

There are chances that you are visiting a newly-wed couple’s home for dinner. Along with the usual gifts, you could surprise them with the Bride & Groom Salt and Pepper Shaker as well, and they would be truly delighted.

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Umbrella Salt & Pepper Shakers

What is common between an umbrella and salt & pepper shakers? Well, actually nothing. However, someone has decided to design the Umbrella Salt & pepper Shakers which is quite expensive too.