DeHood: A Great App to Connect with the Neighborhood

We all strive for a better neighborhood, and for that we first need to connect with the people who live amongst us. However, the social networks that we use today do not necessarily help us with connecting with our own neighborhood and be aware of the events, places to visit, issues that concern the place where we live.


DeHood is a cool iPhone app that could be used on your cellphone to connect with those who live around you. You could use the app to organize a street party, build an informal email list or even warn people of suspicious activities taking place within the community that you live in.

dehood shout

Babak Hedayati, the CEO and Co-Founder of DeHood reveals that the app could also be used to let people know about the events that are held by the city government, police departments, fire departments, community centres, churches, and schools.

Local businesses, nongovernmental organizations that work on a non profit basis, concerned citizens and even authorities in a certain community can stay in touch with each other thanks to the app.

It comes with a really easy interface thanks to which you could be alerted every time something is happening. The easy-to-use interface is what makes the DeHood so special. It can be used by people around you in real time, in real place unlike social networking sites that use the virtual world.

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