Manage and Share Professional Information and More with WayConnected

You might have wondered how you could store all your personal and professional information in one place, manage it and share only what you want to share with the right people. WayConnected is a new web start up that allows you to do just that, in an easy and convenient manner.

way connected 2

You could store hundreds of bits of personal, public and sharable contact information and all that would be reduced to just one word, the wayID. wayID can be shared with anyone you want, and they can access just the information you are willing to share on any device that can connect to Internet.

It could be a great tool for those who are looking for jobs, or are into professional networking. All you would need to do is send the person your one word wayID, and voila! They would be able to access what you want them to know on any device they use to connect to Internet.

way connected 1

WayConnected also supports the CVS format to upload or download contacts. In short, WayConnected is a superior web based contacts manager that also helps you share just the information that you want people to know, depending on the situation.

Moreover, you could even send emails, and make phone calls via Skype using your contact details on WayConnected. All your personal and professional information is shared only at your discretion and hence you would not have any of those scary privacy issues that other social networking sites are rumoured to have. Registering there is easy, so go ahead and do it!