Flash Fan Disses Steve Jobs and Calls For Action!

As most know, there is No Flash Support for iPhone or iPad, frustrating many Flash developers and enthusiasts. But one angry Flash developer has decided to hit back, dissing Steve Jobs with a public site and adding a creative call to action!
Mat Bisher has built his Flash Only site revealing a special message to all Online users. To make it a bit more creative, he decided to use an Adobe tool called the Flash Sniffer – a code that detects a browser support of flash, which if it doesn’t, it reveals a message pointing to download latest version. With that, a person that arrives to his site from an iPhone or iPad (Flashless) sees a different message than one from a Flash enabled browser.
Basically, as seen below, he modified that message to show Steve Jobs flipping you the bird, a huge message of “Steve Jobs Hates You!” and offering a call to action. He offers to add this message along with the Adobe Flash Sniffer in Flash Only sites, thus greeting people accordingly.
So…will you you arm your site as Mat Bisher done or do you feel the Apple Flash Issue is a lost cause?
steve jobs hates you