LOST Mosaic Images You Could Get LOST In!

LOST may have been one of the most popular TV series ever, but good things must come to an end. Still, there are many ways that LOST fans could still get a bit extra, and besides the regular so-called ‘extra scenes’, commentaries and rumors, here are some amazing Lost mosaics that are actually made up of a logical algorithm.
Created by the architect and designer, Juan Osborne, these Mosaics are created by his own development, which combines the use of images or words in proportion to an additional element. Each image below has a short explanation of the statistical proprtion the image is made of. Note: these were made prior to LOST ending, so they are not ‘updated’ all the way to the end.

Jack Vs. Locke

john vs locke lost images mosaic

Analyzing the entire dialogue of the first five seasons, Juan calculated the different words each character has said, and the exact number of times. With this specific image, each face has the words corresponding to the character and size of word based on times said.

Main Lost Characters

lost characters words mosaic image

This one actually shows which character’s name was said more times, and for each one…the different words they used.

Ten Thousand Bens

ben linus lost images mosiac

Benjamin Linus was made as the character for this piece, but over 15,000 of the “Others” make up the actual image.

Kate Evolution

kate evolution lost image mosiac

This brings the Focus to Kate and which words were said most surrounding the three characters: Jack, Sawyer and Aaron. This was made up with stats up to Season 6 Episode 11.

Get Lost…

john locke lost mosaic image

The final Lost image is of Locke and is made up of all the words used in the show all the way up to the sixth season, so you could really get Lost in this one and practically have the entire show in one image.
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Thanks Juan for the info!