Robot Rescuer from Isopod: the True Savior!

Robots have been extensively used in the automobile industry to bring in more efficiency in the production process. We are heading towards a world where robots are going to be an integral part of our lives.

Isopod Robot-rescuer

Igor Lobanov, a Russian product designer, has come out with Isopod Robot-Rescuer. It is a small robot, with a head which is actually a camera. A robot with audio-video link can give a picture of what is happening in the affected areas. Robots have been used in rescue operations, and they are bound to play key role in Disaster Management.

Common situations where robots can be employed as rescuer are mining accidents, hostage situations, and explosions. One notable use of the Robots was in the search for victims and survivors in the remnants of the World Trade Center (following the terrorist attacks of 9-11) and on the Mississippi coast after Hurricane Katrina.

Isopod Robot-rescuer2

There is a need for more of such Robot-rescuer that can be of help in effectively searching for survivors under heavy debris. Rescue robots have a sensor payload consisting of a camera and microphone that helps rescuers to find victims in the rumble. Robots must also be equipped to move heavier debris. Meanwhile, we had also written about a Futuristic World with Robotz and the other amazing Rescue Robot which are other articles you mustn’t miss.

Isopod Robot-rescuer4

Robots are soon going to replace dogs to become Man’s best friend.