The Ophthalmic Accommodation Exercise Device Concept

A thick, white stylized frame leads to a full black, continuous mirror glass. This pair of eyewear could easily give leading designer brands like Police, Versace, and Ray Ban a run for their money. If this pair had been designed a decade ago, it surely would have made it as eyewear on one of the characters in the Matrix; those guys had really cool eyewear.

These spectacles are not designed to protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun or to serve as a style statement. When you look at it, you do wish it had just been that. However, the real purpose of these spectacles is to correct ophthalmic (or eye) defects such as short sightedness, long sightedness, and squint eyes.

The eyes are, perhaps, the most important sensory muscle in the human body. On a daily basis, it helps us to navigate our way around obstacles and enables us to reach our destination safely. We can differentiate a friend from a stranger by simply looking at their faces. It also allows us to drink in and experience the visual beauty of our planet Earth.

An eye defect can severely limit the experiences we can possibly have of this world. Designed by the highly innovative Aleksander Mukomelov, the OAED conceptual design or Ophthalmic Accommodation Exercise Device hope to helps correct eye defects, such as the ones mentioned above, without the need for a surgical procedure. And, as we have already mentioned, it looks really cool too.

Though in the conceptual stages, the OAED is definitely the future when it comes to treating eye disorders. The OAED has a mechanism constituting lenses, cogwheels, straps, and an engine. It operates on the principle of training the eye muscles to focus on objects at different lengths with the help of the different lenses situated inside.

Once the user wears this, the cogwheels alternately place different lenses in front of the eye. This trains the eye muscles to ‘swing’ and achieve the perfect focus required to view objects. When used over a period of time, these ophthalmic spectacles correct eye defects by strengthening particular eye muscles. Since it eliminates the need for a surgical procedure, the spectacles can be an effective eye treatment for kids and teenagers.

The OAED can be personalized to suit the needs of each patient. Its unique structural design allows it to be placed in a pocket and carried anywhere: office, travel, vacation.

With the Ophthalmic Accommodation Exercise Device (OAED), the future of non-invasive ophthalmic procedures has arrived.

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phthalmic (or eye) defects